Together we are stronger

What is CMT?

CMT - or Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is a rare neurological condition affecting the nerves to the arms and legs.  The nerves deteriorate causing muscle wasting and weakness to the lower legs/feet and lower arms/hands, mainly, leading to varying degrees of disablity, with balance, walking, standing, using the hands/fingers all becoming a problem.  The condition is hereditary, and slowly progressive, but is usually not life-threatening.

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Welcome to ECMTF

The European CMT Federation has been created to unite all the CMT organisations across Europe to help promote better care for people with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, fund research and encourage the formation of new organisations in countries where there isn't one at present.


Open to New Members

The idea for the European CMT Federation was born at a CMT Research Conference
in Venice in September of 2016.

Now registered as a charity in Belgium, we are open to CMT organisations who would like to join.

Do you have CMT?

We encourage people with CMT across Europe to contact the Member organisations for support.  If there is not one in your country, they may be able to answer your questions but are unlikely to be able to do so in your language.

Please check here to see if there is a group in your country.