Together we are stronger


September is International Awareness Month, when all the international CMT organisations collaborate to make as large an impact as possible.

But remember, raising awareness is a year-round struggle – here are some simple ways YOU can help US make a difference.

ONE = “Like” us on Facebook at

Because everything you like and comment on is visible to your friends, spreading our reach even further.

Help us spread awareness about CMT by changing your Facebook profile picture to the picture below

To make it your Facebook profile picture:

  1. Right click on the logo above, select “Save Image As” and save it in a location where you can find it.
  2. Go to your Facebook Timeline and move your cursor over your current profile picture.
  3. When the “Edit Profile Picture” bar appears, click on it, and then choose “Upload Picture.”
  4. Browse to the location where you downloaded the  file and select it.

The image will take a few seconds to upload, and then you’ll be spreading awareness about CMT to anyone who visits your Facebook page!  The nerve body might encourage some useful discussion!

TWO – Posters to Anyone and Everyone

Take a poster with you to your doctor:

Download the Poster here!







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