Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke e.V.

Founded in 1965 the German Association for Patients affected by Muscle Diseases DGM is the oldest and with more than 8.800 Members the largest self-help organization of patients affected by neuromuscular diseases in Germany. With its federal head-office in Freiburg/Brg. It is organized at the regional level through 15 regional associations (“Landesverbände”).

Eleven diagnosis groups have been established at the federal level, each comprising the members affected by one of the most common diagnoses of neuromuscular diseases, to take care of the special needs of these patients.

The CMT/HMSN-Diagnosis Group comprising about 500 members was established in 2020 and is one of the larger groups in DGM.

In line with the general objectives of DGM the CMT/HMSN-Diagnosis Group is aiming at initiating, supporting and improving information, self-help, cooperation, research and awareness, and is committed, in particular, to:

  • organize self-help of the patients affected by CMT through contact-persons and local self-help groups, and promote the exchange of personal experience with the disease
  • establish and promote networks of the affected, their relatives, doctors, therapists and researchers in the field
  • facilitate patients access to information on progress and achievements of science and research particularly on promising therapies 
  • support research in the field of CMT and promote close cooperation between those affected by CMT and the scientists conducting research projects and studies in the field
  • rise awareness in society and politics of the disease and its consequences for the affected patients and their families.

To achieve these goals we are organizing events, including specialist symposiums, collect donations and conduct public relations work. Cooperation with other organizations at the European level, in particular within the framework of ECMTF, and at the international level is understood as a priority in pursuing our objectives.

The CMT/HMSN-Diagnosis Group in the German Association for Patients affected by Muscle Diseases is cooperating closely with specialized doctors and researchers at the diverse Neuromuscular Centers (“Neuromuskuläre Zentren”) established and certified throughout Germany, as well as with selected Rehabilitation Centers.

We aim at promoting and closely cooperating with CMT-NET, which is key for a trustful cooperation between patients and researchers in ongoing and future research projects and clinical studies.

The acting president of the CMT/HMSN-Diagnosis Group in DGM is Prof. Dr. Ingolf Pernice, Berlin (). Prof. Dr. ingolf Pernice is the delegate of the CMT/HMSN-Diagnosis Group to the ECMTF.

The Vice-president of the CMT/HMSN-Diagnosis Group in DGM is Franz Sagerer, Munich ().

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