WonderFlora and CMT



Very few people in Hungary know what CMT, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, really is. We set out to introduce this genetic disorder and help Flora and others who live with CMT.

One of our goals is to acquaint Hungarian professionals with the special cases of CMT and to learn how to handle it. We translate professional materials into Hungarian. We consider our task to be social sensitization, accessibility, and the connection of communities through sport.

We help people living with CMT and build a supportive community in Hungary. The Foundation would like to know and disseminate domestic and foreign contacts, experiences and research that can help develop protocols for the treatment of the disease. We want to develop a relationship network among people suffering from Charcot-Marie-Tooth’s disease and their families through media, socialization, and information opportunities.

The Foundation’s primary goal is to ensure the development of Flóra ZAKIJÁN-FARKAS, to achieve further goals by presenting her life.

Our other main goals are:

  • learning and understanding the diverse symptoms of CMT;
  • exploring information and scientific research available from international organizations;
  • establishing and maintaining relations with domestic and foreign organizations;
  • finding innovative special education opportunities and tools to support the development;
  • to get to know and introduce the professional proposal necessary for the improvement of a special diet;
  • searching for fellow patients, getting to know the cases;
  • promoting and supporting social integration;
  • mapping sports opportunities for people with reduced mobility;
  • cooperation with development centres and specialists, hospitals.

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