Associated Members

We are pleased to collaborate and share information and experiences with several organizations through Europe.


  • EFNA (American Association of CMT patients)
  • EURORDIS (Rare Diseases Europe)

And through the World :

  • CMTA (American Association of CMT patients)
  • HNF (Hereditary Neuropathy Fondation, USA)
  • CMT-China


Since 2016, we are united in striving to break through the isolation of those suffering from Charcot-Marie-Tooth, the most widespread group of neuromuscular diseases (1 in 2,500 people worldwide). With support from the associations and their members (patients, families, carers and others…) we provide opportunities for meeting up and discussion.
But we can’t do this alone and that is why we also need sponsors and financial partners.

By joining us, you can also support our actions and contribute to getting this disease better known and more widely recognized. Beyond this noble cause, for your organization it’s about stepping up in the name of solidarity: promoting more widespread information, supporting the scientific challenges and believing in a better world.

Why support the ECMTF and what are the direct advantages?

Your capital value – image:

Through your support, your organization shows that you’re linking action to words.
Your CSR communication (Corporate Social Responsibility) makes sense and becomes a model.
Your visibility goes beyond borders and gives you a European profile.

Your capital value – solidarity:

Your teams come together around a real solidarity project.
Your clients and partners see you differently, in your firm commitment.
You all collaborate fully to raise awareness about public health issues.
The dynamics of your company will be rooted in feelings of empathy.


We would like to thank Pharnext, our major sponsor since 2017 for our European Awareness Campaign in 7 European countries.