2020 CMT Awareness Campaign

Published on October 9th, 2020

The European CMT Federation is launching its 4th campaign to raise awareness about the Charcot-Marie-Tooth group of diseases: the most common of rare diseases. It will run in October 2020 in 7 European countries, and it aims to make the general public and health professionals more aware of the pathologies and symptoms. This campaign aims to improve screening and limit diagnosis errors to get the best possible care as early as possible …

A communication campaign to get the Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease known and recognised

The 4th campaign by the European CMT Federation begins on the 1st of October in 7 European countries: United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Germany.  There are two visuals, one for the general public and one aimed at health professionals who will back up the awareness campaign around Charcot Marie Tooth diseases. There will be a poster campaign in the London Tube and the Paris Metro, and displays on Milan’s bus shelters. In each country, there will be a digital campaign aimed at doctors and podiatrists on LinkedIn and in the specialised press, which will last for about three months.

France and Italy will have the support of expert ambassadors: Professor Philippe Denormandie, Orthopedic surgeon at Raymond Poincaré Hospital, Garches, France and Dr. Francesco Ferraro, Head of Neuromotory Rehabilitation Facility, Bozzolo (MN), Italy

CMT sufferers: expert patients

“We can rely on the patient’s intelligence: sharing and listening better to know how they feel, to understand their suffering better. It’s up to us to get closer to the patient, to make better decisions together, to help them, guide them and offer suitable treatments.” “To influence outcomes and beat the disease, we must keep on asking questions, treat the symptoms and try to understand the causes”

Pr Philippe Denormandie, ambassador for the 4th European CMT Federation awareness campaign, Orthopedic surgeon at Raymond Poincaré Hospital, Garches, France.

Treatment of Charcot-Marie-Tooth: a Multidisciplinary Challenge 

“It is necessary to overcome the concept that since there is not a causal cure yet, there are no solutions to CMT patients’ problems: people have a potential which is sometimes unexpressed.”

Dr. Francesco Ferraro, ambassador for the 4th European CMT Federation awareness campaign, Physiatrist, Head of Neuromotory Rehabilitation Facility, Bozzolo (MN), Italy.

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