Talk CMT Competition

Published on February 1st, 2023

We want to celebrate Rare Disease Day by launching an initiative that appeals to your creativity.

With Socking Clumsy and Talk-CMT Instagram page, we invite you to send us an inspiring or funny phrase to print on socks.



Socking Clumsy is a Lebanese socks brand that raises awareness on CMT, owned by C.G CONSULTANT Group SAL. To learn more about it:

Take your chance to enter a fun contest and help raise awareness about CMT!

Submissions will be published in a ‘Talk CMT’ digital book. The winning sentences will be shared on our social media, and each of the top three winners will receive original and funny socks.

The first-place winner will receive four pairs of socks, the second-place winner three and the third-place winner two.

For the contest rules, click here.

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